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How WWI and WWII Soldiers Washed and Dried Their Clothes in the Field?

The soldiers had to spend a very difficult time during the WWI as they were surrounded by several armies and they were continuously at a risk of being attacked. WWII was even worse than the WWI and the lives of the soldiers were continuously at stake. So, the soldiers had to face a lot of trouble during the war. However, they managed to survive and they fulfilled all their needs wisely.

The most important question that may appear in someone’s mind is that how they managed to wash and dry their clothes in the field while they were surrounded by the enemies. They must have struggled a lot to perform this task because washing the clothes is the worst job that one can perform on this planet.

Today, we don’t have any kind of problem because we have lots of facilities available. The machines that we use nowadays are sent to the market after conducting the vaskemaskine test so that the customers may not face the trouble while washing their clothes. So, we would never be able to feel the pain that they felt while they were fighting with the enemies.

However, we will take a look at some facts that may determine that how the soldiers managed to wash their clothes during the WWI and WWII. Other citizens did not face the problems that soldiers faced during the WWI and WWII because the citizens still had many facilities available to them while the soldiers were fighting in the fields. Let’s take a look at how WWI and WWII soldiers washed and dried their clothes in the field.


The soldiers took help from the locals to wash their clothes during the war. The locals played an important role in facilitating the soldiers. They used to send a few people to the field every day to bring the clothes of the soldiers to the village and then they used to send the clothes back to the soldiers so that they can wear the clothes the next morning. Thus, the locals helped a lot in making their soldiers feel comfortable.

Team members

Some of the groups were far away from the villages and they could not get access to their country’s people so they appointed several team members for washing and drying the clothes. These team members used to wash the clothes after every few days. Thus, they divided the duties among them and managed to wash the clothes. However, some groups could not even wash their clothes for weeks as they did not have ample amount of water available to them that they could use to wash their clothes. Here is some more information about how soldiers washed and dried their clothes during the WWI and WWII.

How Families Saved Money during WWII – From Cars to Groceries We Show You What They Did

World War 2 was the worst situation on this planet when everybody was worried about saving their lives. The people had to struggle a lot to survive during the World War 2. Before this painful incident, the people were living a very comfortable life and they had their own properties and cars and they also had many other expensive accessories in their homes.

When the war started, these people became worried about their assets. There are many people that lost their assets that they had earned throughout their life but there are many others who managed to save their assets by following some guidelines. You can never understand the pain that people had suffered from during the WWII because you are spending a very comfortable life nowadays.

For example, you now have the fastest moving vehicles with you that can take you anywhere you want and you can also carry all the important accessories with you on these vehicles. You can even Get a quote at UtilitySavingExpert.Com for your vehicle so that you can travel with it anywhere you want. But the people didn’t have any of such vehicles available during the WWII and they had to travel on their feet from one place to another.

They were unable to carry many important accessories with them. However, they still managed to save their assets during the WWII. Here is the information about how families saved money during WWII.

Secret basement

Most of the people started building the secret basements in their home when they heard about the war. They stored all the important accessories in the store so that they can survive the war. However, they did not have any source of parking the car in the basement. So, they decided to find a location where nobody could have attacked. Thus, some people saved their cars from the attacks while others lost their vehicles during the WWII.

Holes in the ground

There are some people that dug holes in the ground to place the jars of food, money and other accessories. Thus, they kept their accessories saved during the war. They kept using the food and other items to survive the war. These are the people that managed to survive the war without losing any of their assets.

Living in groups

The wise people knew that they won’t be able to live alone and they decided to stay in the groups so that they can help each other during an emergency. There are many groups that got attacked during the war and they defended the attack and survived together and there are others that lost their lives and money because they decided to live alone instead of becoming a part of a group. Here is some information about how families saved money during WWII.

How to Film Re-enactment scenes – From Cameras to Lighting

Filming a scene for a video is quite a tedious job as you need to arrange proper equipment and the costumes according to the scene. But filming a re-enactment scene is a lot difficult than filming a normal scene. You need to keep your eyes and mind open so that you do not miss anything while filming a re-enactment scene.

The Key to filming a successful re-enactment scene is to watch the original scene again and again so that you can clearly understand the environment, the costumes and the dialogues that were used in the original scene. You should do all the task alone but you must take help from a friend because a single person can miss some points that do not appear to be the most important in his opinion while the other person would note those points as he considers them to be extremely important.

Therefore, you should take help from a friend that usually assists you in making such kind of videos. In this article, we are going to talk about some important tips that you must follow when filming a re-enactment scene.

Practice the scene

Make sure that you practice the scene several times so that you take command over all the important points that are used in that scene. Make sure that you carefully watch the scene after filming it each time. Once you are sure about making the scene properly, you can start filming the last piece that you are going to publish. We guarantee you that you’ll be able to film the perfect re-enactment scene if you have practiced it several times otherwise, you’ll leave many flaws in the last piece and the viewers would definitely notice those flaws.

Proper lighting

A professional cameraman clearly understands the importance of using the proper amount of light at the perfect angle. The mismanagement of the light would put an impact on the environment and you won’t be able to film the perfect scene. You must make sure that you properly arrange all the lights according to the original scene. If you are not aware of where to set the lights, you may take help from an expert cameraman because they know the way of organizing the lights in a proper way.

The quality of the camera

If you are trying to film a scene from an old movie, you won’t be able to manage the quality of the video. Some people consider applying several filters after filming the scene but it still doesn’t make it look real. If you want to add a realistic look to the scene, you must buy a camera that can help you fulfill your requirements. There are many cameras that come with several amazing accessories these days that can be used to film perfect re-enactment scenes. For example, if you buy the GoPro Hero camera kits, you’d be able to find many amazing accessories that can be helpful in filming the perfect re-enactment scenes.

DIY tools and supplies every WWII bomber used to carry

WWII was one of the worst times that people had to go through. There were lots of attacks taking place all around the world. Everyone’s life was at a greater risk and there was no way out that’s why everyone had to carry some kind of weapon with them so that they can stay safe from an attack. It was not only about carrying the weapon with them but people were also supposed to carry the edibles and other necessary items with them.

The soldiers from all the countries were trying to stop the war using different ways. There were some countries that were trying to dominate others while there were others that were trying to spread peace all around the world. Both kinds of countries had appointed several bombers on their borders so that they can fight back any attack from a neighboring country.

There were some problems that these soldiers could face if they didn’t have necessary tools and supplies with them while performing their duty. Most of the countries took help from the DIY tools suppliers so that they can provide the necessary tools to all the soldiers and train them the way to use those tools.

Here we’re going to take a look at some of the tools and supplies that every WWII bomber used to carry.

A knife

The use of bombs was only allowed in case of an extremely dangerous condition. Soldiers were restricted to use the bombs only in case of a severe attack. The defense was still important for the soldiers, therefore, they all carried a knife with them so that they can fight back the enemy and protect themselves from the enemy attack.


In the past, people used to fight with the swords but the guns and bombs were introduced before the WWII and that’s why most of the countries used these weapons on a greater scale to destroy the countries. That’s why soldiers were supposed to carry the guns with them so that they can defend themselves from a distance if someone attacks them using a gun.


The soldiers were supposed to stay active and energetic while performing their duty. They couldn’t bring a huge amount of food with them because it wasn’t possible to bring heavy loads of food in such a situation and the army was also busy in defending several parts of the country so the army was also unable to send supplies of food to its soldiers.

So, most of the countries used the old ways and they carried the dates with them. The reason why they decided to carry the dates with them was that dates have lots of proteins in them and they can help someone stay active and energetic for a longer time. Another advantage of carrying dates was that dates help boost the confidence which is extremely important to fight back the enemies.

What top security guards for the President looked like in the WWII Era?

The war especially the world war is the most critical situation that a country has to deal with. The lives of all the residents and militants are at a severe risk especially the lives of top officials and military general. Militants from other countries try their best to kill or kidnap the president of their enemy so that they can put their entire system.

By kidnapping the president they can ask their enemy to fulfill their demands or by killing him they can destroy their entire machinery as it is only the president who takes all the important decisions in the country related to the war.

The absence of the president can be the dangerous situation for the whole country’s safety. That’s why army general appoints the special security guards for the safety of President.

Most of the times they get in touch with the Top Security Guard Companies to find the best team they need and thus they appoint the top security guards for the security of their president.

The same happened during the WWII when the life of every country’s president was at risk. There were very strict requirements for the security guards who were going to be hired for the president.

Let’s take a look at some qualities of those security guards.

Expert Martial Artists

The security guards hired for president’s security were expert martial artists and they knew how to find and protect the president even if they lose all the weapons.

They were trained to deal with all kinds of a difficult situation as they were supposed to secure the president at any cost. Some of them were Kung fu masters while others were Tai Kwando experts.

Expert shooters

The security guards were hired after making sure that they are good at using all kinds of weapons because the enemies could have attacked in any condition. Some of the guards that were chosen for this purpose couldn’t qualify for the next step as they failed to pass the shooting test. Only those guards were chosen for this purpose who were expert shooters.

President’s safety is a sensitive thing at such kind of events due to which officials were not in the state of taking any risks that’s why they decided to choose the guards who were expert in all required fields.

Expert Fighters

All the security guards hired were expert fighters and they knew how to fight against the enemy in case of a problem. Some of these fighters were extremely powerful and bodybuilders. It passed a great impact to the enemies due to which they couldn’t even think of causing any harm to the president. And thus the president remained safe from all kinds of threats and attacks.

The Benefits Of Military Backpacks For Soldiers

Are you an army man looking for the best backpack? As per the research, it is now evident that military backpacks may be used to transport crucial items from one region to another. In fact, it is an excellent avenue to do so. Various stores are selling such backpacks for army men, and they even offer customization options. So, you can get a backpack customized as per your needs and specification. Such backpacks are also available in a variety of styles and colors. There are several merits of using a military backpack.

The much superior making of the backpack

It is great to learn that a military backpack features both internal and external frames while unleashing a plethora of items such as canvas, breathable, waterproof G Tex, the rip-stop nylon. So, in a way, you may get the military backpack designed only for you.

Military backpacks are versatile enough to serve multiple purposes

A soldier backpack is designed in such a way that it may serve a variety of functions. You may use this backpack for your camping trip and just include a few items in it. Items like food, clothing, bedding, and rain gear can be included. If you want to store tents and bulky jackets and apparels, you can choose bigger backpacks. Apart from this, the backpack may also be used by school goers to accommodate almost any number of books, notebooks, papers, writing materials. If you need to just accommodate smaller accessories, you may buy a small backpack to store calculator, pencils and other things. Most of the backpacks are designed with the clothing packs and computer. Undoubtedly, you will find the backpack which suits your need perfectly.

Military backpacks are for everyone

You may be thinking that a military backpack is just meant for soldiers, but it is not the case. Some specially designed backpacks can carry bedding items like mats, sleeping bags, etc. Such a backpack can be conveniently carried when you are out for an excursion. They can act as a handy item in the canteen and may even be water holders if you are traveling to a dry place.

Military backpack to suit your uniform

It is interesting to note that specially designed military backpack features military certified design and color to suit your military uniform. You may mix up the bag with the natural environment if you are trying to hide. The bag may be altered or completely camouflaged. Apart from this, the presence of both internal and external frame gives you the provision to strap in extra items.

A military backpack is flexible

A soldier backpack is flexible enough to let you add extra functionalities. There are various kinds of accessories available for such bags, and indeed you can add them to improve the function of the bag. If you wish to carry heavy loads, there is padded shoulder strap to provide additional support.

There are various components of soldier backpack which permits an easy shift of items from one place to another. They are padded shoulder straps and the waist belt. Even if the load is more, you will not feel that much weight.

Should Tactical Gun Scopes Be Illegal? We Debate

Gun-related laws are always a heated debate. On one side of the aisle are anti-gun ownership folks. On the other side are the pro-gun. It’s important to realize that both sides have good arguments, and this is not a simple debate as it may appear.

For most civil human beings, the knee-jerk reaction is to be on the side of the anti-gun ownership. But there’s a reason why the 2nd Amendment was instituted by the forefathers. One reason for that is it gives the people the power to fight against the government that has become too corrupt and powerful. Also, there are plenty of logical and rational reasons for gun ownership, and Gina Roberts good points (

Nevertheless, this article is all about whether tactical gun scopes should be legal or not. Hence, let’s focus on this topic for the rest of the article.

The Hunt

For many, rifle hunting is a not a big issue. While some people might frown on the idea, but it’s not really a topic that would typically fall into a heated debate. With proper safety protocol and an adequately regulated hunting season, rifle hunting is generally “okay” for most people. So what does hunting have to do with the legality of tactical scopes?

It’s because rifle hunters are the largest consumers of tactical scopes.

With articles like these coming from (, it’s not hard to believe.

You see, the word “tactical” in the “tactical scope” is what’s really causing the legal problems.

Even for pro-gun owners, a lot would side that a tactical gun should not be allowed in the hands of the public. You could say it’s that tactical guns are too powerful for the needs of a private gun owner.

When transitioning into the topic of scopes, the same notions from the tactical gun shifts to scopes.

One of the scopes used by the U.S. Marine Corps snipers is the Nightforce Advanced Tactical Riflescope ( Now, when you compare that to a hunting rifle’s scope, there’s not a big difference. In fact, a lot of rifle hunters see as snipers scope as the ultimate upgrade.

Then there’s the issue of lethality. As mentioned above, one of the strongest reasons why tactical guns should not be available to the public is because it’s too lethal or powerful. However, tactical scopes do not increase the lethality of a rifle.

You could say that it can increase lethality by promoting accurate shots. But often, lethality is often attributed to raw destructive power rather than accuracy.


While gun ownership might be a debate that is hard to resolve, but tactical scopes legality is really not.

Tactical scopes do not increase the lethality of a rifle, and there’s no big difference when comparing to the “non-tactical” hunting rifle scopes.

Hence, when it comes to its legality, the burden really falls down to gun ownership and hunting rifle ownership.

If the country bans hunting with rifles, then there’s a good case that tactical scopes should also be illegal. After all, the use of a tactical scope is to be attached to a rifle, which is illegal.

However, if rifle hunting and gun ownership are not considered as illegal, then there’s no reason why tactical scopes should be illegal.