The Lost Squadron

What top security guards for the President looked like in the WWII Era?

The war especially the world war is the most critical situation that a country has to deal with. The lives of all the residents and militants are at a severe risk especially the lives of top officials and military general. Militants from other countries try their best to kill or kidnap the president of their enemy so that they can put their entire system.

By kidnapping the president they can ask their enemy to fulfill their demands or by killing him they can destroy their entire machinery as it is only the president who takes all the important decisions in the country related to the war.

The absence of the president can be the dangerous situation for the whole country’s safety. That’s why army general appoints the special security guards for the safety of President.

Most of the times they get in touch with the Top Security Guard Companies to find the best team they need and thus they appoint the top security guards for the security of their president.

The same happened during the WWII when the life of every country’s president was at risk. There were very strict requirements for the security guards who were going to be hired for the president.

Let’s take a look at some qualities of those security guards.

Expert Martial Artists

The security guards hired for president’s security were expert martial artists and they knew how to find and protect the president even if they lose all the weapons.

They were trained to deal with all kinds of a difficult situation as they were supposed to secure the president at any cost. Some of them were Kung fu masters while others were Tai Kwando experts.

Expert shooters

The security guards were hired after making sure that they are good at using all kinds of weapons because the enemies could have attacked in any condition. Some of the guards that were chosen for this purpose couldn’t qualify for the next step as they failed to pass the shooting test. Only those guards were chosen for this purpose who were expert shooters.

President’s safety is a sensitive thing at such kind of events due to which officials were not in the state of taking any risks that’s why they decided to choose the guards who were expert in all required fields.

Expert Fighters

All the security guards hired were expert fighters and they knew how to fight against the enemy in case of a problem. Some of these fighters were extremely powerful and bodybuilders. It passed a great impact to the enemies due to which they couldn’t even think of causing any harm to the president. And thus the president remained safe from all kinds of threats and attacks.

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