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How WWI and WWII Soldiers Washed and Dried Their Clothes in the Field?

The soldiers had to spend a very difficult time during the WWI as they were surrounded by several armies and they were continuously at a risk of being attacked. WWII was even worse than the WWI and the lives of the soldiers were continuously at stake. So, the soldiers had to face a lot of trouble during the war. However, they managed to survive and they fulfilled all their needs wisely.

The most important question that may appear in someone’s mind is that how they managed to wash and dry their clothes in the field while they were surrounded by the enemies. They must have struggled a lot to perform this task because washing the clothes is the worst job that one can perform on this planet.

Today, we don’t have any kind of problem because we have lots of facilities available. The machines that we use nowadays are sent to the market after conducting the vaskemaskine test so that the customers may not face the trouble while washing their clothes. So, we would never be able to feel the pain that they felt while they were fighting with the enemies.

However, we will take a look at some facts that may determine that how the soldiers managed to wash their clothes during the WWI and WWII. Other citizens did not face the problems that soldiers faced during the WWI and WWII because the citizens still had many facilities available to them while the soldiers were fighting in the fields. Let’s take a look at how WWI and WWII soldiers washed and dried their clothes in the field.


The soldiers took help from the locals to wash their clothes during the war. The locals played an important role in facilitating the soldiers. They used to send a few people to the field every day to bring the clothes of the soldiers to the village and then they used to send the clothes back to the soldiers so that they can wear the clothes the next morning. Thus, the locals helped a lot in making their soldiers feel comfortable.

Team members

Some of the groups were far away from the villages and they could not get access to their country’s people so they appointed several team members for washing and drying the clothes. These team members used to wash the clothes after every few days. Thus, they divided the duties among them and managed to wash the clothes. However, some groups could not even wash their clothes for weeks as they did not have ample amount of water available to them that they could use to wash their clothes. Here is some more information about how soldiers washed and dried their clothes during the WWI and WWII.

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