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How to Film Re-enactment scenes – From Cameras to Lighting

Filming a scene for a video is quite a tedious job as you need to arrange proper equipment and the costumes according to the scene. But filming a re-enactment scene is a lot difficult than filming a normal scene. You need to keep your eyes and mind open so that you do not miss anything while filming a re-enactment scene.

The Key to filming a successful re-enactment scene is to watch the original scene again and again so that you can clearly understand the environment, the costumes and the dialogues that were used in the original scene. You should do all the task alone but you must take help from a friend because a single person can miss some points that do not appear to be the most important in his opinion while the other person would note those points as he considers them to be extremely important.

Therefore, you should take help from a friend that usually assists you in making such kind of videos. In this article, we are going to talk about some important tips that you must follow when filming a re-enactment scene.

Practice the scene

Make sure that you practice the scene several times so that you take command over all the important points that are used in that scene. Make sure that you carefully watch the scene after filming it each time. Once you are sure about making the scene properly, you can start filming the last piece that you are going to publish. We guarantee you that you’ll be able to film the perfect re-enactment scene if you have practiced it several times otherwise, you’ll leave many flaws in the last piece and the viewers would definitely notice those flaws.

Proper lighting

A professional cameraman clearly understands the importance of using the proper amount of light at the perfect angle. The mismanagement of the light would put an impact on the environment and you won’t be able to film the perfect scene. You must make sure that you properly arrange all the lights according to the original scene. If you are not aware of where to set the lights, you may take help from an expert cameraman because they know the way of organizing the lights in a proper way.

The quality of the camera

If you are trying to film a scene from an old movie, you won’t be able to manage the quality of the video. Some people consider applying several filters after filming the scene but it still doesn’t make it look real. If you want to add a realistic look to the scene, you must buy a camera that can help you fulfill your requirements. There are many cameras that come with several amazing accessories these days that can be used to film perfect re-enactment scenes. For example, if you buy the GoPro Hero camera kits, you’d be able to find many amazing accessories that can be helpful in filming the perfect re-enactment scenes.