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The top spy gear used in WWII

In WWII, when the people were counting their remaining days of life on this planet, there were heroes who put their minds to build the best spy gear to use in war.

Their inventive spy ideas and amazing work are still appreciated by people of Museums and they even display that with pride.

Those were highly skillful people who developed such spy gear for war. They used rodent bombs, pipe pistols, biscuit radio, spy cameras and many other sneaky spy gear. You can check out hidden cameras that they used in ww2 for sale here.

Here are the details of top spy gear used in WWII.

Rat Bombs

These bombs were basically rats which were dead and filled with high-quality explosives. Rodent bombs were also the name of these rat bombs. The idea was to target the factory workers of the enemy.

When the factory workers come out of the factory, they would see a rat and they would throw these rat bombs into the fire which then explode to kill many at the spot. It was invented by Germans and it proved to be one of the sneaky spy gear of WWII.

Biscuit Radio

Biscuit the tin radio was one of the great communication inventions which were used by the rivals to deliver the message.

As communication was the key to winning the war, they developed a way to deliver the message without any danger.

They put the communication device inside the biscuit cover and they used it while making no one suspicious as it just looked like a biscuit box. That was a genius stuff made during WWII and modern people loved the idea of biscuit radio.

Pipe Pistol

As the name shows, it was a pipe used for shooting at enemies at once. It could only makeup to a prototype stage and never got implemented.

But the idea of this spy gear was so unique that modern world agents have converted this prototype into a successfully tested weapon.

In WWII soldiers, usually smoked pipe and no one had the idea that this could conceal some serious killing weapon inside it.

Spike Letter Box

This gear was used to conceal messages. No doubt, it was a crafty innovation that was used during WWII for major written communication.

It was really easy to conceal the messages into the stem of spikes by rolling the paper into the hollow port. As it looked like an everyday object, nobody thought that it could be top spy gear.

So, this made it really easy for the soldiers to deliver important messages inconspicuously.

Military planes and the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is considered as one of the haunted places on the face of the earth. Many researchers and scientists are still curious to know the reasons behind the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

Numbers of incidents happened till now in which planes went missing and there is no witness of those planes. Let’s have a look at the top incidents that took place near Bermuda triangle.

DECEMBER 15, 2008

It was a time when Britten Norman Islander went missing near Bermuda Triangle and there were 11 passengers on board. It has been reported that pilot told emergency tower about the problem and soon after that plane went missing.

It has been assumed that maybe plane crashed in the sea and that’s why there was no evidence of plane or passengers after the incident. This is strange and creepy for the people who don’t know much about the Bermuda triangle.

JUNE 20TH, 2015

The plane also went missing on June 20th, 2015 and people think that the plane crashed into the sea due to the loss of control. A Piper PA-23 was on his way when sudden changes have been recorded in the plane.

The Aviation safety network failed to connect with the pilot and guide him. In result, the plane gets crashed in the sea. There were 3 passengers in the plane at that time when plane get crashed.

MARCH 23RD, 2014

The incident was reported at 23rd March 2014 were 19-foot fishing boat went missing. A person who was in the boat named Glenn Jamison went for the fishing and was returning the same night to the home.

In the morning his boat found from the 32 miles West of Egmont key. The boat was there but he went missing from the boat and it has been reported that maybe due to the storm he drowned in the sea.

JUNE 18TH, 2003

Frank and Romina Leonne planned to celebrate their holiday and they went to the sea in a 19-foot fishing boat but nobody heard from them again. Their friends and family were waiting at West Palm Beach but they never reached there which makes their family scared.

To find their bodies search operation started on a Monday morning and last for about 6 hours. The team was unable to find the boat as well as the couple. It was sad for the people around them to lost such a beautiful and energetic couple from their family.

MARCH 16TH, 1962

A military plane went missing near the Bermuda triangle and it was a time when there was Vietnam war was going on. On that flight, 95 passengers and 11 crew members were present at the moment.

After the disconnecting from the tower and due to the no guidance plane get crashed into the sea and nobody heard from them again. People see the explosion in the sky due to the blast in the fuel tank but according to the engineers, there was no fault in the plane at the time of taking off.