The Lost Squadron

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DIY tools and supplies every WWII bomber used to carry

WWII was one of the worst times that people had to go through. There were lots of attacks taking place all around the world. Everyone’s life was at a greater risk and there was no way out that’s why everyone had to carry some kind of weapon with them so that they can stay safe from an attack. It was not only about carrying the weapon with them but people were also supposed to carry the edibles and other necessary items with them.

The soldiers from all the countries were trying to stop the war using different ways. There were some countries that were trying to dominate others while there were others that were trying to spread peace all around the world. Both kinds of countries had appointed several bombers on their borders so that they can fight back any attack from a neighboring country.

There were some problems that these soldiers could face if they didn’t have necessary tools and supplies with them while performing their duty. Most of the countries took help from the DIY tools suppliers so that they can provide the necessary tools to all the soldiers and train them the way to use those tools.

Here we’re going to take a look at some of the tools and supplies that every WWII bomber used to carry.

A knife

The use of bombs was only allowed in case of an extremely dangerous condition. Soldiers were restricted to use the bombs only in case of a severe attack. The defense was still important for the soldiers, therefore, they all carried a knife with them so that they can fight back the enemy and protect themselves from the enemy attack.


In the past, people used to fight with the swords but the guns and bombs were introduced before the WWII and that’s why most of the countries used these weapons on a greater scale to destroy the countries. That’s why soldiers were supposed to carry the guns with them so that they can defend themselves from a distance if someone attacks them using a gun.


The soldiers were supposed to stay active and energetic while performing their duty. They couldn’t bring a huge amount of food with them because it wasn’t possible to bring heavy loads of food in such a situation and the army was also busy in defending several parts of the country so the army was also unable to send supplies of food to its soldiers.

So, most of the countries used the old ways and they carried the dates with them. The reason why they decided to carry the dates with them was that dates have lots of proteins in them and they can help someone stay active and energetic for a longer time. Another advantage of carrying dates was that dates help boost the confidence which is extremely important to fight back the enemies.