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Should Tactical Gun Scopes Be Illegal? We Debate

Gun-related laws are always a heated debate. On one side of the aisle are anti-gun ownership folks. On the other side are the pro-gun. It’s important to realize that both sides have good arguments, and this is not a simple debate as it may appear.

For most civil human beings, the knee-jerk reaction is to be on the side of the anti-gun ownership. But there’s a reason why the 2nd Amendment was instituted by the forefathers. One reason for that is it gives the people the power to fight against the government that has become too corrupt and powerful. Also, there are plenty of logical and rational reasons for gun ownership, and Gina Roberts good points (

Nevertheless, this article is all about whether tactical gun scopes should be legal or not. Hence, let’s focus on this topic for the rest of the article.

The Hunt

For many, rifle hunting is a not a big issue. While some people might frown on the idea, but it’s not really a topic that would typically fall into a heated debate. With proper safety protocol and an adequately regulated hunting season, rifle hunting is generally “okay” for most people. So what does hunting have to do with the legality of tactical scopes?

It’s because rifle hunters are the largest consumers of tactical scopes.

With articles like these coming from (, it’s not hard to believe.

You see, the word “tactical” in the “tactical scope” is what’s really causing the legal problems.

Even for pro-gun owners, a lot would side that a tactical gun should not be allowed in the hands of the public. You could say it’s that tactical guns are too powerful for the needs of a private gun owner.

When transitioning into the topic of scopes, the same notions from the tactical gun shifts to scopes.

One of the scopes used by the U.S. Marine Corps snipers is the Nightforce Advanced Tactical Riflescope ( Now, when you compare that to a hunting rifle’s scope, there’s not a big difference. In fact, a lot of rifle hunters see as snipers scope as the ultimate upgrade.

Then there’s the issue of lethality. As mentioned above, one of the strongest reasons why tactical guns should not be available to the public is because it’s too lethal or powerful. However, tactical scopes do not increase the lethality of a rifle.

You could say that it can increase lethality by promoting accurate shots. But often, lethality is often attributed to raw destructive power rather than accuracy.


While gun ownership might be a debate that is hard to resolve, but tactical scopes legality is really not.

Tactical scopes do not increase the lethality of a rifle, and there’s no big difference when comparing to the “non-tactical” hunting rifle scopes.

Hence, when it comes to its legality, the burden really falls down to gun ownership and hunting rifle ownership.

If the country bans hunting with rifles, then there’s a good case that tactical scopes should also be illegal. After all, the use of a tactical scope is to be attached to a rifle, which is illegal.

However, if rifle hunting and gun ownership are not considered as illegal, then there’s no reason why tactical scopes should be illegal.